Giving Opportunities

Honoring family and friends' special occasions is easier than ever with a gift to a WJC Fund.

These funds enhance the WJC experience, promote mitzvot, and support our operating needs. Contribute to any of the funds on behalf of a friend, family member or special occasion. A card will be sent on your behalf and an acknowledgment will appear in the monthly bulletin. It is a wonderful way to let fellow congregants and others know that you are thinking of them.

Please note, the minimum donation is $18. Thank you.

 Fund NameDescription
General DonationDonations to the General Fund are always welcome and are used in any way needed to operate the Temple. Donations may be made for any occasion.
Rabbi's Discretionary FundThere are many instances during the year when the rabbi recognizes a particular need within our Jewish community and allows him to provide confidential assistance. This is a repository for monies for philanthropic purposes and emergencies dispensed at the Rabbi's personal discretion.
Cantor's Discretionary FundDonations to this fund will be used for charitable purposes as well as educational programs for the Woodbury Jewish Center.
Kol Nidre
Religious SchoolThis provides funds for Religious School extra programs and activities not covered by tuition.
Nursery SchoolThis provides funds for the Viven Grossman Early Childhood Education Program for extra activities not covered by tuition.
Sisterhood Donation
Men's Club
Library Fund
Arthur Rulnick Tribute FundUsed for capital improvements and scholarships.
Jeffrey Gellin Memorial Fund
Tree of Life1 Tree Certificate: $25. --- 3 Trees Ring: $54. --- 5 Trees Circle $72. --- 10 Trees Orchard: $136.
Chai FundMultiples of $18.
Siddur / HH Machzor$50 each.
Etz Hayim Chumash$75 each.
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