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At Woodbury Jewish Center, we seek to provide our students with the highest level of knowledge, strong skills for participation in our religion, a positive feeling about synagogue involvement and an extremely close identification with the State of Israel.

Our school integrates experiential learning with traditional classroom instruction to provide an atmosphere in which learning is fun through participation and interesting activities.

Preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah begins in the Alef year, which is the 3rd Grade.  We provide intensive instruction for learning the Hebrew language, as well as instruction for Hebrew conversation and prayer.  Our cantors provide tefillah instruction to our students on an ongoing basis, which is the preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We observe Jewish holidays through many different programs and activities, i.e. crafting Havdalah candles, making a menorah and preparing a Shofar from a ram's horn.

We encourage students to give to charities of their choosing through tzedakah donations. We also provide trips to entertain at assisted living residences and other sites of Jewish interest.  Prior to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, each student prepares a Mitzvah Project.

Our school's philosophy stresses positive reinforcement through awards assemblies, special trips and student teaching.  Many of our students continue their Jewish education after Bar/Bat Mitzvah in our Hebrew High School.

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